Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ohio COVID-19 Tracker

Updates for 4.21.20

The COVID-19 rate of increase moderated between Monday and Tuesday with an overall 6.2%. gain. The Marion increase slowed to 3%, a significant improvement over Monday's report..Pickaway infections continue to surge with a 31% change over the previous day. State planners should maintain a watchful eye on the remaining state corrections facilities and county jails. 

Highlights for 4.20.20
COVID-19 cases increased from 11,602 on Sunday to 12,919 on Monday for a change of 11.4%. Pickaway County is following the path established by Marion with a 161% change between Sunday and Monday. Marion County's rate per 100,000 infections was an astonishing 28 times higher than state average.

Weekend Tracking Report

Marion County now represents 16% of the cases in Ohio. Infections in Marion County increased from 983 on Saturday to 1,834 on Sunday.

Ohio COVID-19 Tracking Update: Another day at over 8% increase in new cases. The overall mortality rate statewide is approaching 5%.

US COVID-19 Tracker

Check out the full mapping report for April 15th below. In some counties, the number of  COVID-19 cases has increased over 400% in one week!

The number of cases is decreasing in Ohio, but there were 50 new deaths reported today.

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